Monday, September 5, 2011

The Purpose of Beginner Gospel Piano

Hey everyone! My name is Rayshon and I decided to create a blog on something I'm passionate about, Gospel Piano! But I didn't want to just stop there, I wanted something focused directly on beginners starting out their journey with God learning to play the piano/keyboard. The beginning of the journey can sometimes be the hardest part in the whole race. Taking the first step and making a commitment to learn this instrument is a serious undertaking. However, it can be so much fun along the way, as you progress and begin to do things you never thought you would in the beginning. I have been playing for about 3 years now, I have never had a formal lesson and in many ways, I still consider myself to be a beginner. But God can use anyone to get His glory, even you!

So, what exactly will be posted on Beginner Gospel Piano? Well I plan on keeping a daily to weekly stream of content on here. It can range from chords I may have learned, songs I may have picked up on, or maybe just words of encouragement. As this is my first endeavor to create a website, I can expect some bumps along the road. But, as time progresses, and God allows it, I expect this website to blossom into something really helpful to some people. That is my main goal for Beginner Gospel Piano, to help someone that may be struggling. If I help just one person cross into a new landmark on their journey, then I've done my job!

I expect a lot of feedback however, it's going to be you guys that make this site successful. Do you have a song you are struggling to pick up on? A chord you always wanted to learn? Or just learning your scales? Post it on the blog! Let's discuss it. This is where I hope pianists of all skill levels can contribute. Although the site is tailored to the beginner, what better way to learn than to get advice from someone that's been where you are? All in all, I know we can become a successful community of musicians with the same goal, and that's to glorify God in our playing, no matter our skill level. So let's get started!

God Bless
Rayshon =)

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